Bookkeeping ServicePrice/month
Weekly Bookkeeping Up to 100$ 1,248
Weekly Bookkeeping Up to 150$ 1,853
Weekly Bookkeeping Up to 250$ 3,006
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 50$ 148
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 100$ 293
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 150$ 434
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 250$ 713
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 500$ 1,388
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 800$ 2,160
Monthly Bookkeeping Up to 1000$ 2,625
Annually Bookkeeping Up to 200$ 3,825
Quarterly Bookkeeping Up to 150$ 56
Quarterly Bookkeeping Up to 75$ 110
Bank RecsPrice/month
Bank Reconciliation$150.00
Bank Reconciliation$146.25
Bank Reconciliation$142.50
Bank Reconciliation$138.75
Bank Reconciliation$135.00
Bank Reconciliation$131.25
Bank Reconciliation$131.25
Bank Reconciliation$131.25
Bank Reconciliation$131.25
Bank Reconciliation$131.25
Bookkeeping ServicePrice/month
1 Person Weekly$30.00
2 People Weekly$29.70
3 People Weekly$29.40
Up to 5 People Weekly$28.50
Up to 10 People Weekly$27.00
Up to 25 People Weekly$25.50
1 Person Bi-Weekly$30.00
2 People Bi-Weekly$29.70
3 People Bi-Weekly$29.40
Up to 5 People Bi-Weekly$28.50
Up to 10 People Bi-Weekly$27.00
Up to 25 People Bi-Weekly$25.50
Up to 50 People Bi-Weekly$24.00
Unlimited People Bi-weekly$22.50
1 Person Semi-Monthly$30.00
2 People Semi-Monthly$29.70
3 People Semi-Monthly$29.40
Up to 5 People Semi-Monthly$28.50
Up to 10 People Semi-Monthly$27.00
Up to 25 People Semi-Monthly$25.50
Up to 50 People Semi-Monthly$24.00
Unlimited People Semi-Monthly$22.50
1 Person Monthly$30.00
2 People Monthly$29.70
3 People Monthly$29.40
Up to 5 People Monthly$28.50
Up to 10 People Monthly$27.00
Up to 25 People Monthly$25.50
Up to 50 People Monthly$24.00
Unlimited People Monthly$22.50

GST Filing

GST FilingPrice/Filing
Monthly GST Filing$94.50
Quarterly GST Filing$113.40
Annual GST Filing$126.00
PST Filing Price/Filing
Monthly PST Filing (>$12K/yr)$94.50
Quarterly PST Filing ($6K-$12K/yr)$113.40
Semi-Annual PST Filing ($3K-$6K/yr)$119.70
Annual PST Filing (<$3K/yr)$126.00

PST Filing

T-Slip Filing (T5 or T4)

T-Slip Filing (T5 or T4)Price/Slip
Up to 5$30.00
Up to 10$28.50
Up to 25$27.00
Up to 50$24.75
Worksafe Filing and RemittancePrice/File and Remit
Annually (>$2K/yr)$126.00
Quarterly (<$2K/yr)$113.40

Worksafe Filing and Remittance

Tax Filing - Corporate Tax Return

Tax FilingPrice/Filing
Corporate Tax Return Prep$2,250.00
Tax FilingPrice/Filing
Personal Tax Return Filing (Up to 4 Slips)$135.00

Tax Filing - Personal Tax Return Filing (Up to 4 Slips)

Prices subject to change based on bundling and individual needs. Please Call or book an appointment to discuss.

Bookkeeping ServicePrice/monthDescription
S3 Principal Res Sale $100.00 Declaration of Principal Residence on Real Estate Sales
2200 Declaration $40.00 Employer filled out form input into your taxes to trigger Personal Deductions.
Med Exp to 15 $40.00 Medical Expenses up to 15 entries. Each Additional Entry is extra
Student Tuition Slip $12.00 Student Tuition Slip
Extra T-slip $12.00 Extra T-slip
T1- Couple $250.00 Filing as a couple up to 8 T-slips (Mix and Match)
Personal Return $135.00 T1 Personal Return up to 4 Slips
Employment Expenses $140.00 For your personal expenses related to your employment at a company you do not own. Includes Commission Employees
776 Rental Suite $110.00 For Revenues and Expenses declared on a Rental Property
2125 T4A (simple) $50.00 If you worked as a contractor and declared it as a business, this form was used to deduct personal expenses used to earn this income.
2125 (Small Biz) $115.00 Small Businesses with Revenues less than $10,000 annually and few expenses
2125 Med (No COGS) $250.00 Proprietorships earning between $10,000-$44,999 per year with no Materials Sold, just Service
2125 Large (No COGS) $525.00 Proprietorships earning between $45,000-$149,999 per year with no Materials Sold, just Service
Captial Cost Allowance $45.00 For Depreciating/deducting higher priced assets over different years
Auto Expense $45.00 Auto Expense Form for People and Proprietorships with Vehicles to Expense. (Remember to track your kilometers).
Changes/Xtra Requests $145.00 When a client has multiple changes or requires hours of extra work over and above the typical Sku's assigned
Final Return (D) $175.00 For a client who has passed away in the tax year
Nil Return $50.00 Nil Return
Non-Resident 215/216 $200.00 For Non-Residents
Charitable Receipt $3.00 For Each Donation Slip Added
Charitable Receipt $3.00 For Each Donation Slip Added
Moving Expense Form $175.00 Moving Expense Form
Add Med Receipts $2.00 Additional Medical Entries above 15
Disability Tax Credit $12.00 If we have applied for the DTC. (Note: You must have the CRA letter approving this)
Add Dependant $12.00 Adding Dependant Info (If there is no additional info like childcare to add this year, there is no additional charge)
Pension Optimizing $50.00 We have optimized your pension splitting with your spouse to reduce taxes payable for this year.